Work The Land – Working Internship at Hava & Adam

Besides the five month Eco-Israel program for Jewish youth, the farm also offers a two-month Working Internship Program for people of all ages and all races. The program is designed to take interns through a practical working experience of ecological/sustainable living.

The internship’s primary focus is to catalyze a process of learning, communication, and rewarding work, which benefits its participants, the environment and the farm community. This process will provide you with the basic practices and foundations for sustainable and ecological living. We want to give you the proper tools and techniques so you can apply your knowledge in your own community, home, or local farm.

Basic breakdown of program:
● 3 days a week dedicated to working.
● 2 days a week dedicated to theoretical lessons and guided work.

The Internship includes working and learning in the following areas:
● Permaculture – PDC
● Construction
● Mud building
● Agriculture
● Greenhouse
● Ecological technical systems
● Farm kitchen- Sustainable cooking and kitchen practices
● Medicinal and Cosmetic Herbal center
● Arts & Crafts with recycled materials

Integration with the farm’s community
Through working and living on the farm, interns are integrated into the farm’s social and cultural life. The farm community is composed of four primary groups: 1) Israelis doing National Service, 2) Israelis doing Year of Service, 3) International participants on the Eco-Israel Program, and 4) Farm coordinators.

Sleeping and eating conditions:
· Sleeping in a Dome/ Yurt with 1-3 other people.
· The farm is vegetarian and all of the people living here share the kitchen duties.

Course duration:
2 months (8 weeks)

Certificate granted:
1. PDC (International Permaculture Design certificate)
2. Hava & Adam Working Internship Certificate

Cost of the course:
The 2 month course costs 6000 Israeli New Shekels, including three meals a day, accommodation and study’s.

If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact Adi Shabtai-Yron – program coordinator at

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The up-coming program:

9.10.18 – 3.12.18

Special opportunity !!! Almost for free ! Onward Fall 2018

9.10.18 – 3.12.18

Onward Work the Land  program is a two-month summer  course designed to take interns through a practical working experience. This program is open to people up to 27 yers old from all races. The program is designed to take interns through a practical working experience of ecological/sustainable living. who have NOT spent 3 or more months in Israel as part of an educational or peer-program (this includes semester abroad, gap year or any other MASA or Onward Israel program

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