Aliyah by foot to Jerusalem

On the 5th of May, the Eco 18 participants, accompanied by the rest of the community (Shinshins, Interns, Volunteers & Coordinators), left the farm in Modiin to hike their way up to Jerusalem! The first night, the whole community cooked and slept outdoors together. The next day the community went back to the farm and the Eco’s continued their journey to the Holy City. They walked for 4 whole days until they arrived to Jerusalem, where they spend the 5th day, exploring it’s historical treasures.

The Eco’s experienced this “Aliyah by foot” as a “once-in-a-life-time opportunity” and as a unique way to explore the country. Despite the heat wave that confronted them on the way, they kept the group moral high and didn’t give up. We are so proud of them!

This “Masa” was one out of three journeys that they go on during the Eco program. Next week they will travel to the north where they will visit different ecological and sustainable communities and will explore the area through the eyes of a “local Israeli”.

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