Zoe Brownstone

Participant in Eco 9


I did Eco 9 starting in August 2012. I began the program right after I finished high school in South Africa.

I developed a passion for cooking with fresh, organic produce when I was living on the farm. I had never been so interested in cooking before. I think having to really experiment with foods taught me a lot – like at one point the only fresh food available were tons of eggplant. So I learned to love eggplant.

Right now I’m in my third year of University studying Applied Biology and Ecology.

I applied for University thinking that I wanted to work with animals. After living on the farm, I’ve realised that sustainable agriculture and food systems is my calling… So I might either switch degrees or continue with my current one and do my postgrad in agriculture.

A big thing about living in the community for me was literally learning to live with lots of people and learning how to keep the peace and play my part. As an only child growing up with my father, it had taught me some valuable lessons.

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