Keith Michalak

Participant in Eco 13

Which Eco program did you do? And at what point in your life did you do Eco?

Eco 13. 25 years old post college.

What did you learn on the farm which you still practice in your life today?

I don’t know how to answer this because I still live on the farm. Composting toilets, gardening, living completely on the reliance of a solar panel for electrical power, not having access to my own personal vehicle, communal eating sleeping living etc.

What are you doing now?

Further exploring my options in regards to studying and living practicing permaculture full time.

How did your experience on the Eco program impact the direction of your life?

The Eco program greatly impacted the direction of my life. Forever has changed my path and has put a stamp on the fact that I want to live a certain way and that living in a certain way makes me happiest and most fulfilled.

What was the most important thing you took away from the Eco program?

Learning how to communicate honestly with others and myself.

What is your fondest memory of the Eco experience?

The trips. All of them. Anything that involved hiking.

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