Becca Droz

Becca Droz, from Sixburgh a.k.a. The City of Champions a.k.a. Pittsburgh, PA, was a lost soul, wandering aimlessly in the deserts of her mind until random series of events created for a teleportation portal to the Hava & Adam farm. She was on a gap-year from school at the University of Colorado at Boulder trying to find out what major she wanted to pursue for her final two years of school. She always knew that she loved the outdoors, especially after participating in trail crews in Virginia and Alaska with the Student Conservation Association (SCA), but trail crews just didn’t seem like the best outlet for her energy.

As she embarked on the mental, spiritual (for lack of a better word because goodness I can’t stand that word anymore) and mildly physical adventure of a lifetime on the farm, her dormant passion for permaculture germinated. With this awakening to an understanding of a practical, possible, fun, connecting and eatable solution to many of the world’s problems, Becca has found an area of study, an academic perception, if you will, to observe and interact with as she moves through the progression of her life. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where the community aspect of permaculture is her focus and she and is unsure where her next steps will be, to finish college or to pursue more intensive permaculture experiences… the winds will decide.

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